Thank you from your winner, Shikha

shikhasharma-wThere isn’t a way I can express how surprised I was upon knowing my name as a Winner. Yipeeeee These two weeks were really amazing… It was an enriching experience for both students as well as scientists. I participated in the event as I really want to break the myth about science among the students that it is an uncool subject and the domain of geeks and nerds (means us) :P. I feel it’s an amazing platform for the students and scientists to discuss science in an atmosphere that is open and positive. It is so wonderful that the organisers are able to host this event each year. It was a great opportunity for me, and I’m sure other scientists also enjoyed the event as much as I have.

I would like to thank the entire team of “I’m a Scientist-Get me out of here” for organising such a wonderful event. I was pleasantly surprised and also very impressed with the Organising Committee’s skills in putting on an event of this calibre. A big thank to all students for their active participation during the chats and offline sessions during last two weeks. Without your enthusiasm and participation the last two week couldn’t be the success it is. Interaction with the enthusiastic junior scientists has filled me with new energy and has made my work much more enjoyable and challenging. The hard work of their teachers to improve science education in daily life and through these events is really appreciable. I would like to thank my Prof. Richard O’Kennedy (Biomedical Diagnostic Institute, Dublin City University) and the entire PROSENSE group for giving me an opportunity to work in the research area of rapid diagnostics which possibly can give cancer patients decades of life back, not just months or years.

I hope the efforts of all scientists who participated in the event have inspired a lot of students to pursue science and technology careers as there are so many exciting opportunities that these disciplines can present to them.

Thank you everyone for making the event successful and voting for me. I am looking forward to spend the money for communicating the science again in my style now. 🙂

It was a great event, both useful and very enjoyable. All students can contact me anytime if you have any query regarding career in Science or in general. Miss you all 🙁

Best Wishes

Shikha 🙂

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