• Question: have you ever burned yourself with acid?

    Asked by claire to Colin, John, Kevin, Shikha, Triona on 11 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Tríona O'Connell

      Tríona O'Connell answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      Nope, but I made a very clean patch on the floor of the hospital during my training. They were using dilutish HCl to clean one of the instruments and I had to fill little containers with it. I spilled one all over my lab coat and on the floor. When I visit my friend in that lab, we reminisce about my first week there, spilling acid everywhere. Happy times.

    • Photo: Shikha Sharma

      Shikha Sharma answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      Hi 635bera34,
      Not burned myself. But yea once I have spilled few drops of concentrated H2SO4 on my new lab coat and till the time I left lab it was just a brown stain on the lab coat. After washing and drying there were so many tiny holes in my lab coat. That day I realized why its so important to wear lab coats. 🙂