• Question: How did you practice science as a younger

    Asked by scottobrien to Triona, Shikha, Kevin, John, Colin on 17 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Tríona O'Connell

      Tríona O'Connell answered on 17 Nov 2014:

      I spent a lot of time reading science books from the library, and my parents thought that was great, so I got things like a chemistry set and a microscope from them. The chemistry set didn’t get any where as much use as it should have (looking back I’d have great fun with it now) and the microscope was fiddly and difficult to focus (now that I have lots of microscopy experience, I can probably get it to work now). I spent a lot of time gathering interesting rocks at the beach, and I liked watching my mother gut any mackeral we caught when fishing (what’s that bit of gut do is that the heart euuughhhh grosssss).
      I also helped my dad fixing engines, working on cars and motorbikes. That was pretty cool.

    • Photo: Kevin Motherway

      Kevin Motherway answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      I took lots of things apart, but couldn’t necessarily put things back together again. I always loved looking at rocks, pebbles and shells on the sea shore and that’s what hooked me on geology and fossils!

    • Photo: Shikha Sharma

      Shikha Sharma answered on 20 Nov 2014:

      Hi scottobrien,
      When I was in school my father gave me a book which had details of how things work…like washing machine, TV, etc . He used to explain me how it works. Then I got my dissecting kit with a CD about dissection and you won’t believe I dissected one mouse in my house and till date no one knows about it. I followed the way it was explained in the CD and finally saw the organs. It was amazing to see so complicated things. And reading stuff always helped. 🙂