• Question: how many stars are in the galaxy are there in your opinion?:/

    Asked by ITS_SHAUNAGH to Colin, John, Kevin, Shikha, Triona on 13 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Shikha Sharma

      Shikha Sharma answered on 13 Nov 2014:

      The Milky Way has a mass of about 100 billion solar masses, which means 100 billion stars. This number is just approximation. It’s impossible to count the stars one by one and get an answer for how many are in the galaxy.

    • Photo: Kevin Motherway

      Kevin Motherway answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Generally the number is guessed at about 100 – 400 Billion stars per Galaxy. A hell of a lot basically. On a really dark night ALL the stars you can see with the naked eye are from a tiny tiny part of the Milky Way Galaxy. You can see the “Milky Way” glow but can’ t make out individual stars with the naked eye. And there’s maybe 100 Billion Galaxies out there.